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Fels Dual Degree students

Combine your interest in public administration with another graduate degree at Penn

All degree students at Fels can take advantage of classes and community at Penn’s 12 world-class graduate schools through their elective classes and involvement in campus activities. Students seeking to build deeper knowledge in a specific content area may wish to consider a dual degree. Students must apply and be admitted to each degree program separately and are responsible for completing the full degree requirements. Each dual degree has a course plan which allows “double-counting” of specific courses. This reduces the number of courses and time required to earn both degrees.

Dual degrees are currently available for the following programs:

  • JD/MPA: Juris Doctorate through Penn Carey Law and Fels MPA*
  • ML/MPA: Master of Law through Penn Carey Law and Fels MPA
  • MPH/MPA: Master of Public Health through Perelman School of Medicine and Fels MPA
  • MSEd ECS/MPA: Master of Science in Education: Education, Culture and Society through Graduate School of Education and Fels MPA*
  • MSSP/MPA: Master of Science in Social Policy through School of Social Policy and Practice and Fels MPA*
  • MCP/MPA: Master of City Planning through Weitzman School of Design and Fels MPA*
  • MSEd Ed Policy/MPA: Master of Science in Education: Education Policy through Graduate School of Education and Fels MPA
  • MES/MPA: Master of Environmental Studies and Fels MPA*

*Only available for students enrolled in the Full-time MPA program

We recommend students interested in a dual degree apply to both programs concurrently to support academic planning. Please indicate your intention to apply for a dual degree in your application to Fels. We recommend discussing your interests with advisors from both programs before applying. For more information, contact felsinstitute@sas.upenn.edu.

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