State of Black Women, in PA

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Organization Overview:

She Can Win is a non-partisan organization that focuses on training women to run for public office, and hold leadership positions on public campaigns. Founded in 2014, She Can Win has trained over 600 women.

Project Name:

State of Black Women, in PA
Project Type: 
Policy Analysis

Project Overview:

She Can Win is currently putting together a white paper on the "State of Black Women, in PA". This report will look at 5 specific areas: Healthcare, Environment, Economic Opportunities/Workforce Development, and Criminal Justice. We know 2020 has been a tough year for all, but we want to focus on the disparities for Black Women in the Commonwealth of PA. We will need assistance with the research to compile for the Report, the actual writing of the report (in conjunction with our consultants), and policy recommendations as a result of the report.

Deliverable(s): A successful project would include a completed report with factual data, and policy recommendations. We plan to introduce this plan to Governor Wolf's office as a starting point of advocacy for Black Women in the commonwealth. 

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