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Fall 2020spring 2021 tuition and fee rates for Executive Master of Public Administration students

Tuition per semester covers the required two courses Executive MPA students take per term. Individual courses have a $6,444 per c.u. tuition rate.

  Fall Spring Summer
Tuition $12,888 $12,888 $12,888
General fee $860 $860 $860
Program fee $600 $0 $0
Online course fee $300 $300 $300
Total $14,648 $14,048 $14,048

The Executive Master of Public Education requires 10 c.u. to complete: 2 c.u. per term for five terms. The chart above shows tuition and fees for three terms in the current academic year; tuition and fees for terms in the upcoming academic year may change. Cost of attendance for summer terms is estimated, as tuition and fees are adjusted during this term for the subsequent academic year.

Fee definitions

  • General fee: The general fee constitutes a partial contribution to the support of such essential facilities as a large library system, museums and institutes, and special laboratories.
  • Program fee: The program fee is a one-time charge in the fall term and covers program activities specific to Executive MPA students.
  • Online course fee: Students will be charged a technology fee of $150 per course.

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